GMate Mail for GMail is the only way to bring all of these features to the GMail that you already love...


It’s time for GMail to love the iPhone

  1. Full support for Hosted Google Apps email addresses.

  2. Full screen text entry, forget the normal little mobile gmail textbox  - type and scroll around with ease.

  3. Constant toolbar access to the most common GMail actions.

  4. One button moving between emails in the conversation view.

  5. Still supports the old style mobile GMail if you don’t like the shiney new off-line toting GMail.

  1. Super-fast preview of all your email accounts.

  2. Send Photos straight from gmail.

  3. Important email? Just takes one tap to phone them back.

  4. Templates - don't type more than you have too.

  5. Location support, emailing directions has never been easier.

  6. One touch swapping between accounts.

Plus loads more...

If you’re a GMail pro, you’ll love this app.  If you’re not a GMail power user yet, you soon will be with GMate Mail.